Chiman L. Patel, CEO & CTO, WIN Enterprises

Company History

Founded in 1991 by Chiman L. Patel, WIN Enterprises was an early force in helping to popularize the x86 microprocessor architecture for use in the embedded marketplace. Heretofore, it was popular to use more specialized architectures for particular applications. The logic of basing embedded computing designs on the x86 microarchitecture to gain access to the vast majority of the world's applications, operating systems, and utilities is now prevailing even in highly specialized market areas such as video processing. In addition to WIN Enterprises, Mr. Patel co-founded SoluSoft, a business process software company with operations in the U.S. and India, as well as a separately branded electronics operation in Taiwan.

Purpose-built Solutions

WIN’s preference for the use of x86 reflected the company’s evolution from a custom PC and laptop maker in the early nineties to a respected Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) in the embedded market space. By the late nineties WIN Enterprises was helping software developers bring total solutions to market by working with them to design custom application platforms. Although these systems are principally x86-based, they can be branded with unique features and corporate marks to enable the OEM to go to market with a unique, purpose-built solution.

Respected Reference Platform Designer 

A reputation for getting it right the first time led to a relationship with Intel® as a reference platform designer--and later that same type of relationship with AMD®. Many of the reference designs produced for these world-renowned companies are strategic in nature. WIN’s business is to design and manufacture customized x86-based embedded boards and platforms for hardware OEMs and software developers. WIN Enterprises has facilities in the United States and Taiwan. This enables cost-effective design, manufacturing, and fulfillment services for corporations around the world.

WIN Enterprises is an affiliate member in the Intel® Intelligent Systems Alliance a community of communications and embedded developers and solution providers.


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