Case Study: Bio-Rad DNA Replication Solution



Company: Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. (Bio-Rad), is a manufacturer and distributor of life science research and clinical diagnostics products.

Problem: Bio-Rad had a previous DNA Replication solution, however, the original design contained several circuit boards. The company wished to consolidate these board-level electronics to increase device reliability and lower manufacturing costs.

Answer: The solution was re-architected by WIN Enterprises, and the number of boards was reduced. This had the desired effect of lowering costs and improving reliability. This design was updated a couple of years later into the business relationship to further streamline the embedded computing components to a motherboard and single daughter card. At the same time a new Intel® processor was deployed.

WIN manages the product life cycle of the embedded technology. This is done in part through the pre-purchase and stocking of the board's components over its planned life cycle. Along with hardware improvements, the customer has significantly evolved the user interface of the product to maintain it competitiveness. The product is proven, popular and easy to use.

WIN is helping manage the product’s life-cycle past its normal end-of-life (EOL) so the company can reap the benefits of a cash cow. This also enables the Company to push out the expensive certification process required by a future generation device.

WIN Enterprises is ISO 9001 certified manufacturer.


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