Wireless Mesh Network for First Responders

This WIN Enterprises customer markets a highly innovative mobile IP wireless mesh network platform that enables the unprecedented delivery of high-bandwidth data and converged services to stationary and mobile first-responders.

Case Study: Edge Velocity

Wireless Mesh Network for First Responders

Edge Velocity is the developer of a mobile IP wireless mesh routing technology that enables the delivery of high-bandwidth data and converged services for stationary and mobile users.Edge Velocity solutions serve transportation, critical infrastructure, and first responders in emergency conditions.

The Edge solution centers around propriety software and is designed to provide two-way data communications, audio and video support in the most challenging emergency conditions.

Prototype Phase

The Company developed a prototype communication device that gained support from governmental agencies and at least one major prime contractor. To take the program to the next phase would require fast development by both the prime and Edge. The design had to be ruggedized and compact with sufficient processing speed and have Wi-Fi broadcast capability to serve during major catastrophic events. It had to be robust enough to function effectively in signal-saturated environments.


Figure 1. The Edge Vehicle Mounted Router (VMR) is a rugged, compact unit that communicates voice, real-time video, and data at high speeds.

WIN Enterprises was recommended to Edge by industry experts, principally Intel®, as an innovative, reliable source of embedded hardware platforms.  A new design effort was supported by WIN Enterprises for the first-responder solution resulting in designs for more compact communications devices with better performance and broader capabilities.

The new design proved itself in field tests performed by the Fire Department of New York and FDNY Emergency Medical Services Division. Rapidly advancing technology called for a next generation design almost immediately in order to better productize the Edge Velocity solution.

Figure 2. Edge Velocity Datapath Optimizer (EVDO) is a multipurpose wireless gateway router that bridges commercial cellular, secure Wi-Fi and fixed local area networks that enables the fast creation of wide area networks.

The resultant product suite is designed to fill the connectivity divide that separates various wireless systems for first responders and other users. These products enable seamless wireless communications that overcomes service gaps that can limit effective service reach. The Edge Velocity devices provide the connectivity needed for uninterrupted situational command and control across Wi-Fi, cellular and wireless WAN communications systems to help ensure the safety and effectiveness of first responders.

The comprehensive set of wireless IP solutions is known as the Edge Interlock™ Suite. Its proprietary technology readily interfaces to unique customer technology through its Linux operating system and its application of the 802.11s wireless mesh standard. The Edge Velocity family of products includes:

  • Edge Intelligent Base Station (IBS) -- Fixed outdoor wireless router that provides the “core mesh cloud” in saturation-intense, with a secure high-bandwidth 802.11 network.
  • Edge Vehicle Mounted Router (VMR) -- Rugged, compact unit that communicates voice, real-time video and data at high speeds.
  • Edge Rapid Deploy Router (RDR) -- Compact, battery-powered lightweight router housed in a rugged case along with multiple radios, flat-panel antenna and high-definition video camera that enables communications within the heart of the incident area.
  • Edge Velocity Datapath Optimizer (EVDO) -- a multipurpose wireless gateway router that bridges commercial cellular, secure Wi-Fi and fixed local area networks (LAN) to create wide area networks.

Edge works with WIN Enterprises on unique hardware to supports its software suite and for its product assembly.  

About Edge Velocity Corporation

Edge Velocity Corporation designs, manufactures and markets mobile IP (Internet Protocol) wireless mesh equipment for such emerging markets as First Responder, Homeland Security and other Defense and Municipal services.

68 Stiles Road, Suite G

Salem, NH 03079 USA

Tel: 603.912.5618

Fax: +1.831.850.5589

Contact Us/Edge: http://www.edgevelocity.com/contact_us.html

WEB: www.edgevelocity.com

About WIN Enterprises

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