WIN Enterprises Announces PICMG 1.3 SHB with BGA-mounted Intel® 4th Gen Processors


NORTH ANDOVER, MA, MAY 6, 2013: WIN Enterprises announces the MB-80560, a full-size PICMG 1.3 Single Host Board (SHB) with Ball Grid Array (BGA)-mounted, 22nm, 4th Gen Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3 processors. BGA mounting (i.e., soldered) provides greater reliability in challenging and mobile environments than socketed processors which may become dislodged. Other advantages of BGA processor mounting include lower thermal resistance, lower unwanted inductance, and superior electrical performance.


  • Onboard 4th Gen Intel® Core™
  • Intel® QM87 PCH, DDR3 1600MHz to 32GB
  • 2 x Intel® GbE LAN
  • Supports DVI-D, VGA and optional DP display
  • Intel® iAMT & TPM support (optional)
  • 4x SATA 3 with RAID
  • 6x COM
  • 2x USB 3.0, 10x USB 2.0
  • SMBus
  • HD Audio

Designed to support applications requiring the maximum in data access, the MB-80560 is especially strong in I/O capability. For instance, I/O for the device includes: 4x SATA3 with RAID, 6x COM, USB 3.0 and 2.0 configurable to 12x, 1x LPT and 2x GbE LAN.

In addition to providing a range of performance between 1.6 and 3.3 GHz, the Intel i7/i5/13 processors have rich support for the Intel Advanced Technologies, such as Virtualization Hyper-Threading, Intel 64, and more. The Celeron processor enables a particularly cost-effective option at 2.20 GHz performance. The Intel 4th Gen processors provide low-power processor options from 25W to 47W. OEMs will find the device ideal for high-performance, low power, low heat, and mobile workstations.

All version of the MB-80560 have integrated graphics support. Display support includes DVI-D and VGA with optional DP support (via pin header). This embedded device is ideal for factory automation, image processing, kiosk, medical imaging, encryption, and other applications that require high performance computing and intense data access.

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