WIN Warranty

WIN Enterprises Warranty Policy


Limited Warranty

The standard policy for products is a one-year limited warranty. 

Full Warranty

A non-standard warrantee is granted with specific business agreements. The following features may be specified in these agreements:

  • The warrantor will fix or replace any defective product, including removal and reinstallation if necessary, free of charge.
  • The warranty is not limited in time (i.e., one year).
  • If the product cannot be repaired or has not been repaired after a reasonable number of efforts to repair it, the customer may choose to receive a refund or a replacement.


1.0    Warranty Coverage

1.1        The company provides a one (1) year warranty from the date of shipment to the customer on all products it manufactures. 

1.2        If a product malfunctions during the one year warranty period after it is delivered, WIN Enterprises will be responsible for all costs associated with repairing the item including the cost of replacement parts, shipping charges for return of the item, and the cost of labor to repair the equipment by a company employee or a contracted third-party service technician.

1.3        This warranty is applicable only if the products have had normal utilization within their published specifications as modified from time to time; have been maintained in accordance with recommended procedures; use WIN approved parts and have not been modified or altered in a manner not approved by WIN Enterprises.

1.4        WIN will also honor other manufacturer's warranties for their full coverage for products sold by us as a dealer.

1.5        Repair or replacement of a part under warranty shall neither extend nor decrease the warranty period.  If WIN has cooperated with customer on the design of a product and customer has tested and accepted the design and later a defect in the design is uncovered by customer, customer will promptly notify WIN in writing of the design defect. WIN’s only obligation to customer as it pertains to the design defect will be to cooperate with customer to modify the design to meet the customer's requirements. WIN will not be obligated to refurbish any products sold to customer prior to WIN’s written notification.

1.6        Items not covered – WIN Enterprises will not be responsible for equipment malfunctions that are the result of damage from accidents or misuse by the customer.  The company will also not cover "supply" type items sold with the equipment.

2.0       Service Programs

The company provides two programs for servicing return merchandise authorization (RMA) products; one for products under full or limited warrantee, and a second one for non-warrantee products. Customer Services determines the proper category of the RMA products. Customer Services documents any customer concerns and informs the Quality Manager of these to ensure timely resolution.

2.2. Telephone Support – WIN Enterprises will provide a reasonable level of telephone support for as long as the customer is actively using or supporting the equipment. Telephone support from the Company includes answering questions regarding the use, maintenance, servicing or trouble shooting the equipment.

2.3 Factory Service – WIN Enterprises will repair RMA equipment at its facility. Warrantee coverage will be provided according to the terms of the applicable warrantee. Non-warrantee repairs will be provided at a reasonable cost to cover parts, labor, and shipping. A diagnostic fee of $100.00 is charged for all non-warrantee repairs. RMA products are checked against their original specifications to verify that service has been performed correctly.



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