Since 2006, WIN has been introducing RoHS compliant products. We continue to work to define and clarify standards, as well as to identify technologies and processes that reduce the use of hazardous substances.

WIN will continue to pursue its social responsibility for the preservation of the global environment and human health by providing hazard-free, environmental friendly products.

The abbreviation ‘RoHS’ is derived from: The Restriction of Hazardous Substances. This is a European Union directive that took effect July 1, 2006. Since its introduction it has become central to WIN's manufacturing and the embedded computer industry as a whole. It restricts the use of hazardous substances like lead and mercury in electrical and electronic equipment. RoHS establishes standards that reduce the allowable content of certain hazardous substances in computer devices, consumer electronics, and electrical appliances to substantially safer amounts. The RoHS program has been adopted globally under both the RoHS name and sometimes under somewhat modified names in various states and regions, like China RoHS. OEMs who purchase electronic components such as motherboards to incorporate into their own products increasingly insist on RoHS compliance.

Whitepaper: Green Computing