WIN Enterprises designs and manufactures custom circuit boards and appliances for electronic OEMS.

Custom x86 Design

WIN Enterprises serves a variety of industries with custom x86 platforms including telecommunications, IT networking, medical, industrial, military, video editing, and more. WIN serves the North American and European markets...

A New, Economical Approach to Implementing CDN

The PL-81060 High Performance Storage Server presents an economical, ARM-based solution for deploying numerous PoPs in a Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Intel Skylake-based Products

Skylake has been heralded as the best ever processor from Intel®. Most Skylake products are branded as 6th Generation Intel® Core™ processor for use in desktops, mobile devices and embedded systems. 

Corporate Capabilities

WIN Enterprises works with customers to produce perfect-fit x86 embedded products for their markets.

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