Custom Embedded Solutions

Many of WIN Enterprises’ customers have sought us out for our custom design capabilities. Often, they were attracted by a COTS product that was a best-fit for their needs. Then, it can simply be a case of integrating additional features or streamlining the device.

Small Form Factor Computing

WIN Enterprises offers a broad selection of Small Form Factor (SFF) embedded controllers that range from entry-level to high-performance boards and platforms. WIN offers cost-effective, low power solutions with flexible I/O options.

Logistical Services

Logistical Services from WIN Enterprises go beyond direct order fulfillment. Services include design modifications, software integration and testing, the design and branding of shipping containers, packing your product with its documentation, plus production and delivery reporting.

A Commitment to Green

Since 2006, WIN has been introducing RoHS compliant products. We continue to work to define and clarify standards, as well as to identify technologies and processes that reduce the use of hazardous substances.