Industrial Automation

Programmable Logic Controllers

This WIN Enterprises customer is a leading manufacturer and worldwide marketer of high-tech programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and motion control systems used in process automation and industrial control.

The Problem

"When we decided to migrate our unique board designs to industry-standard boards, we found that our supplier could not deliver products of consistent quality. This increased our time to make shipments to customers and introduced the problem of obsolescence -- forcing us to buy a two-year inventory of boards."

The Solution

"Initially we hired WIN Enterprises to design and build new boards for us. Now they provide us with complete systems, handle final assembly and testing of the units, as well as provide maintenance and technical support. WIN also manufactures the base computer for our high-end factory-floor computer, which serves as the user interface for plant site and factoryautomation.

The base computer includes the case, motherboard, an Intel® Pentium processor, memory, hard and floppy disk drives. WIN installs the operating system software, as well as assisting us in building the case. WIN provides us with the stability of a consistent product we can count on."

WIN Enterprises is an Affiliate Member with the Intel IoT Solutions Alliance, a community of communications and embedded developers and solution providers.






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