PICMG 1.3-Style SBC with Twin AMD Opteron Six-Core Processors, AMD RS5690 Chipset and FireWire, LSI chip and PCI-X

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MB-80020 pictured above with IP-90330 CPU card and below without CPU card

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  • Supports 32- and 64-bit high performance computing with Dual-Core AMD Opteron™ Processors, AMD Opteron™ Quad-Core Processors, and AMD Opteron™ Six-Core Processors
  • Supports 115W TDP AMD Opteron™ processors, EE or HE (Energy Efficient) Processors Recommended
  • 1207-pin Socket F
  • Supports up to 20 Lanes of PCI-Express Gen 2.0: x8, x8 (can be combined to x16), x4 through standard A and B edge fingers
  • Supports MXM-II interface. Validated with ATI Radeon e2400 mobile MXM-II Graphics Card
  • Supports MXM-II Pass Through Card IP-90350 to bridge x16 lanes (configurable to x8/x8) of PCI-Express Gen 2.0 to custom backplanes for expansion
  • Supports two ECC Registered 200-Pin DDR2 DIMM Slots on MB-80020
  • Supports Split Power planes (i.e., individual power supply for CPU and Memory Controller)
  • Optional stackable HyperTransport® card IP-90330 enables: Support for 2nd AMD® Opteron™ processor and 4 more ECC Registered DIMM Slots
  • Semi-custom pin-out supports the full range of PCI-X on the MB-8002A: 33/66/100/133MHz @ both 32-bit and 64-bit rates
  • Dual 1GbE LANs
  • FireWire support through custom card (MB-8002A)
  • HD Audio Bus (Azalia) Header for custom HD Audio output card (IP-90340)
  • IP-90550 backplane

WIN Enterprises will customize this standard product to your more exacting requirements to provide you with a long-life embedded product that is differentiated in the market.

CPU Board and the CPU daughter card feature the AMD Socket F with support 32- and 64-bit high performance computing with Dual-, Quad- and Six-Core AMD® Opteron™ Processors
Chipset AMD SR5690 / SP5100 Chipset
Memory 8GB per DIMM Slot
Hardware Monitoring Supports temperature, fan speed (PWM supported) and voltage monitoring as well as Watchdog Timer to generate software selectable timeouts and system reset.
LAN Dual Marvel 88E8052 10/100/1000 LAN ports with dedicated PCI-Express x1 links
HyperTransport™ Link For stackable IP-90330 module – enables 2nd Processor and extra memory support (4 DIMMS)
COM Dual RS-232 Serial Port Links through onboard headers
USB 4 USB 2.0 Port headers onboard with +2 more If optional FireWire card is used
Video On-Board DVI-I and LVDS ports passes dual-head video signals from optional MXM-II ATI Radeon e2400 mobile graphics card
  • x16 Lanes PCI-Express Gen 2.0 through A, B Edge connector (configurable to x8/x8)
  • x4 Lanes PCI-Express Gen 2.0 through A Edge connector
  • x16 Lanes PCI-Express Gen 2.0 through MXM-II Slot (for Graphics)
FireWire Optional PCI-Based FireWire chip and FireWire adapter cable for high-speed storage data-link
Audio HD Audio (Azalia) header for custom HD Audio Codec adapter (IP-90340)
SATA 6x SATA-II Ports w/ RAID 0/1 available from SP5100 Southbridge
PCI-E PCI-E based LSI 1068E 8x Port SAS Controller (MB-8002A)
PATA 1x PATA 40-Pin IDE Port
Power ATX Power supported through backplane
Dimensions 13.330 in. x 4.976 in.; 33.86 cm x 12.64 cm
Ordering Information
MB-8002A PICMG 1.3-Style SBC featuring AMD RS5690 Chipset, supporting twin AMD Opteron Processors, FireWire, LSI chip and PCI-X
MB-8002B PICMG 1.3-Style SBC featuring AMD RS5690 Chipset, supporting twin AMD Opteron Processors
IP-90120 1xPCI-e: 1xPCI-X Midplane
IP-90190 [Legacy and no longer produced]
2xPCIe Midplane
IP-90220 2xPCI-X Midplane
IP-90230 2xPCIe; 2xPCI-X Midplane
IP-90240 1xPCIe: 3xPCI-X Midplane
MB-90410 3xPCIe; 1x PCI-X Midplane
IP-90310 5x PCIe:1xPCI-X; MXM PTC Midplane
IP-90320 4xPCIe;MXM PTC Midplane
IP-90330 CPU Card
IP-90340 HD Audio Card
IP-90270 FireWire / USB Card
IP-90350 MXM II Pass Through Card
When making sales inquiries provide quantity, CPU type, bus speed, and memory requirements.
Notes: Specifications subject to change without prior notice.
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