MB-80200 ETX Module with Intel Atom Pineview Processor

NORTH ANDOVER, MA, January 14, 2010:  WIN Enterprises, Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of embedded x86 motherboards and appliances for OEMs, announces the MB-80200 ETX system-on-module (SOM) with a choice of either the Intel® Atom™ D450 or D510 processor (code-named Intel Pineview-M and Pineview-D, respectively). With low power consumption and 1.66GHz of performance the MB-80200 provides fanless operation for applications that include portable medical, gaming/entertainment, military, kiosk, and aerospace.   
The Intel® Atom™ processors D450 and D510 provide a reduced on-board footprint through their integration of the Northbridge functions, e.g., memory and graphics control into the processor itself.  This two-chip design enables smaller, more mobile products over the traditional three-chip solution.
  • Low power consumption--minimum of 8W with Intel N450 CPU + chipset
  • Fanless design
  • Supports dual display with VGA and LVDS
  • ETX 3.02 compatible
  • Two SATA interfaces on module
Software Support
MB-80200 supports Windows 7; Windows 7, 32-bit, Windows Visa and popular versions of Linux.  

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Note: Now a legacy product.

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