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High Performance Network Security...WIN Enterprises' PL-60760 Series Secures a Variety of Networking Applications

July 18, 2008 • Vol.30 Issue 29
WIN Enterprises’ PL-60760 Series Secures a Variety of Networking Applications

Efficient and effective networking of devices, offices, and employees is vital to the success of any business, but it must also be secure. Getting a host of secure networking options in one package goes a long way toward that goal. The PL-60760 series of network security appliances from WIN Enterprises sports a bevy of features all packed into a 1U rackmount form factor.The PL-60760 platform is ready-made to be deployed for applications such as IDS/IPS, firewalls, VPN gateways, NACs, and UTM (unified threat management). The time-to-market is designed to be as short as possible, so OEMs can put the appliance to use quickly.

Features of the PL-60760 appliance include four GbE ports with optional bypass options; four 10/100 Ethernet LAN ports; and a port each for USB, RS-232, and Mini PCI. System memory can be configured up to 4GB via DDR2 sockets. The device also has two PCI-X slots, a 16x2 LCM display, a four-button keypad, and an easily removable cover. The PL-60760 also sports one E-ATA and two SATA connectors and CompactFlash types I and II and operates on the Intel Socket 479 Core 2 Duo/Core Duo processor with the Intel 3100 chipset.

Supported operating systems for the PL-60760 include Windows 2003/XP/XP Pro/Vista as well as Linux distributions including Fedora/8, Redhat Enterprise Linux 5, and Cent OS 5.

Available configurations include the PL-60760A and PL-60760B. The former has four GbE Copper interfaces, while the latter has four SFP ports. There is also a control board version, the MB-60760, which also has four GbE and 10/100 LAN ports.

They can be customized to specifications and feature customer-specific bezel designs.


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Note: PL-60760 is now a legacy product. 
WIN Enterprises PL-60760
PL-6076A: $617; PL-6076B: $766
A network security appliance with short time-to-market that can be customized for OEMs
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