Entry Level x86 Gaming System with VIA Eden/Nano processor, FPGA, TPM 1.2 and Authentication Security Chip


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  • Secured with TPM 1.2, FPGA and Boot ROM
  • Support for dual VGA Display and 2D graphic performance up to 400FPS under 1024 x 768 x 16bit
  • WIN provides gaming API and Sample Code under Windows CE, Windows XP(e) and Linux
  • All Inputs support hardware de-bouncing, interrupt and counting
  • 24x photo-coupler protected inputs, 26 x high current sink outputs and 6 x door inputs
  • Onboard battery backup SRAM, Boot ROM and NANeDrive JAMMA 56-pin and fruit machine 20-pin + 72-pin golden finger interface
The PL-64000 is a cost-effective x86 appliance designed for gaming usage. Made secure with TPM1.2 FPGA and an authentication chip, PL-64000 features a range of security mechanisms to protect software and IP. PL-64000 supports dual VGA displays, provides 2D graphic performance up to 400FPS under 1024 x 768 x 16bit. All gaming API and sample codes under Windows CE, XP(e), and Linux are provided. Built with VIA® Eden™ ULV processor, PL-64000 is a fanless gaming system and perfect for video slot machines, fruit/slot machines, video lottery terminals, amusement game machines and betting terminals for multiplayer table games or roulette.

WIN Enterprises will customize this standard product to your more exacting requirements to provide you with a long-life embedded product that is differentiated in the market.

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Ordering Information
PL-6400A VIA® NANO 1.6GHz with Dual VGA, 10/100LAN, PATA x1, SATA x 2,  1G NANDrive, TPM 1.2, NVRAM 512KB, Flash ROM, RS-232 x 2, ccTalk x 2, USB 2+4 ports, PS2 KB/MS pin header; Win CE label
PL-6400B VIA® Eden™ ULV 1.0G with single VGA, 10/100LAN, PATA x1, SATA  x 2, 1G NANDrive, NVRAM 128KB, Flash ROM, RS-232 x 2, ccTalk x 2,  USB 2+4 ports, PS2 KB/MS pin header, Win CE label
PL-6400C VIA® Eden™ ULV 500MHz with single VGA, NVRAM 32KB, USB 0+2 ports
- When making sales inquiries provide quantity, CPU type, bus speed, and memory requirements.
- Specifications subject to change without prior notice.
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